Bedford, Virginia

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The following are pictures of Events in the History of Bedford, Virginia. See if you can remember the Event, and Particulars of the Occasion.   Anyone who has a interesting picture of The Bedford, Virginia Area of Yesteryear, please send them to me via E-Mail at: , and I will put them on this web presentation.  Each week new pictures will appear on this introduction  page, and the older ones will be on subsequent pages in this series.

Thomas A. Markham

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Mary Babb Queen w father.JPG (107041 bytes)

Mary Babb was born to Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Venable on August 21, 1935.  She attended Bedford Elementary and High School.  During High School she was active in publications, as well as being a member of the Glee Club and a Cheerleader.  Next fall she plans to enter Virginia Intermont College, where she was awarded a scholarship as a music major.

Queens Court

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Kay Hubbar BQC.JPG (30742 bytes)

Barbara Nichols BQC.JPG (28341 bytes)

Jane Ogdon BQC.JPG (28262 bytes)


Betty Hesson BQC.JPG (29847 bytes)

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Gaye Saunders BQC.JPG (29312 bytes)

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