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Kissimmee River Boat-A-Cade 1950-1970

For many years from 1950 through the 1970's the Okeechobee Boat-A-Cade was a highly celebrated yearly event.  The following are a few pictures from that wonderful time in our history.  


BoatACadeKissRiv1950.jpg (80810 bytes)

Camp Mack.jpg (74999 bytes)

Boats in KissRivLocks.jpg (78500 bytes)

Boat-A-Cade on Kissimmee River at EEEE Fish Camp

Camp Mack on Kissimmee River 1952Boat-A-Cade

 Boats in Kissimmee River Locks 1952 Boat-A-Cade

AerialViewBoatACade.jpg (69437 bytes)

Boatsat98bridgeBasinger.jpg (92929 bytes)

RRBridgeNearBasinger.jpg (59197 bytes)

1952 Boat-A-Cade on Kissimmee River

Boat-A-Cade at Hwy 98 Bridge Ft. Basinger

Boats Waiting for RR Bridge to Open Ft.Basinger

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