Lake Okeechobee

Hurricane Damage

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TruckCoffinsBeleGlade1928.jpg (26686 bytes)

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Coffins being Transported To West Palm Beach, Fl  for Mass Burial in Woodlawn City Cemetery

Monument at Woodlawn Cemetery  WPB to 60 White Hurricane Victims Buried in Mass Grave There.

Mass Burial of 60 White Hurricane Victims at Woodlawn  Cemetery West Palm Beach, Fl 

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Loading Bodies BelleGlade.jpg (38181 bytes)

Dead Bodies at Clewiston 1928 Hurricane

Dead Bodies at Lake Harbor 1928 Hurricane

Loading Bodies After 1928 Storm Near Pahokee

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Tamaran Ave Mass Burial Site.jpg (63049 bytes)

674 Black Victims Were Buried in This Mass Grave in the City's Pauper's Burial Field at 
Tamarind Ave & 25th Street 

Picture of 1928 Mass Burial  of Black Hurricane Victims at Tamarind Ave.& 25th Street           W. Palm Beach, Florida

Tamarind Avenue  & 25th Street  1928  Hurricane  Black Mass Burial  Site in W. Palm Beach, Fl. as  it Looks today 

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BurningBodiesafterHurricane.jpg (34744 bytes)

Coffins used for Hurricane Victims at Belle Glade, Fl

Preparing to Burn Bodies after 1928 Hurricane

Burning  Bodies  after 1928  Hurricane

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Bell Glade Hurricane Monument.jpg (81308 bytes)

Looking For Bodies at Sand-Cut 1928 Hurricane

Coffins Awaiting Mass Burial at Canal Point, Fl

       Hurricane Disaster Monument   at Belle Glade, Florida

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Memorial in Port Mayaca  Cemetery at  Mass Burial Site of 1600 White Pioneers, 1928 Hurricane Victims 

State Marker at Mass Burial Site Port Mayaca Cemetery

Port Mayaca Cemetery Today


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