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   In 1947 a Massive Hurricane came charging up the peninsular right over Lake Okeechobee which was destined to be one of the wettest in history.  Although the Hoover Dike had done it's job, since no lives were lost, the need for better flood protection was essential, and  the rest of this story is still ongoing, with the establishment of The South Central Florida Flood Control District, at Okeechobee, Fl  on  October 6, 1947.    

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Kissimmee River after 1947 Hurricane

Flood Waters Caused by 1947 Hurricane

Flood Control at Okeechobee, Florida


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Locks on Kissimmee River South of Highway 70

Flood Control Organized Okeechobee Courthouse

Levee Const. Around Entire Lake.  C. 1964

Governor and Mrs. Warren Unveiling Flood Control Plaque at Okeechobee County Court House in 1950

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The plaque says:

 "The original meeting of three hundred citizens of central and southern Florida who authorized the formation of the 'Flood Control Committee of Florida' was held on this spot October 6, 1947. The committee represented the area before all state and national agencies and the public until the project was approved in Washington and state legislation was enacted forming the Central and Southern Florida Flood Control District in 1949."

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