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Flat Top Msountain.JPG (62035 bytes)

North Side Peaks of Otter.JPG (15658 bytes)

Wilkerson's Gap II.JPG (56254 bytes)

Flat Top Mountain

Sharp Top Mountain

Wilkerson's Gap

Jennings Creek at JDN Markham's.JPG (33928 bytes)

Rodney Campbell Store.JPG (21347 bytes)

O.P. Markham Home.JPG (27846 bytes)

Jennings Creek

Campbell Store

O. P. Markham Home

Jennings Creek at OP Markhams.JPG (34660 bytes)

Jennings Creek Methodist Church.JPG (42241 bytes)

Home of Newton Markham.JPG (25297 bytes)

Jennings Creek

Methodist Church

Newton Markham Home