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The following pictures are of John Walter Marcum's children  and their spouses, whose ancestry started on Jennings Creek with John Markham's son Josiah Markham.  Josiah moved to Lee County Virginia, and his son John Frank Marcum on to Tennessee.  John Walter Marcum is a son of John Frank Marcum.  In the process of moving, they changed their name to Marcum from the original spelling of Markham.  This was probably the results of improper recording of names by clerks of the court in various places, at a time when most people lacked the ability to read and spell.

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Ruby Hassie Marcum

Clarence Marcum

Robert Earl Marcum

Hattie Belle Marcum

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Dossie Ada Marcum

Myrtle Marie Marcum

Margaret Marcum


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Mae Lou Marcum

Frank John Marcum