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North_Side_Peaks_of_Otter.JPG (22942 bytes)Jennings Creek is located on the North Side  of the “Peaks of Otter”, in Botetourt County, Virginia.  The headwaters are located on the northern slopes of Flat Top Mountain, and from there flow West to empty into the James River at Arcadia, Virginia.  

Wilkersons_Gap_Map.JPG (217655 bytes)From the headwaters to the terminus, Jennings Creek is only about fifteen miles long.  Several secondary streams empty into Jennings Creek on   it’s way to the James.   They are:  Falling Waters Creek, Say Branch, Chestnut Run, McFall's Creek, Yellowstone Branch, Cove Creek,  Middle Creek, and  North Creek.

Wilkersons_Gap_II.JPG (56254 bytes)The Markhams of Jennings Creek migrated from Bedford County, Virginia ,  in the  early 1800’s. John Nathan Markham and Thomas Henry Markham are the progenitors of all the  Markham Families in this area. Wilkerson's Gap is the view that our ancestors had on their way to and from Jennings Creek in years gone by.  Those coming from the Creek going to Bedford County would first see the North Side of the "Peaks of Otter".  Those going to the Creek from Bedford County would first see "Wilkerson's Gap".



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In 1807 my 3rd Great Grandfather Nathaniel E. Markham the second born son of John Nathan Markham went to North Carolina and married Nancy Agnes Swaine.  After their marriage, they moved to Washington County, Virginia, where my Great Great Grandfather Jesse E. Markham their first son was born in March of 1808.    In 1809 Nathaniel and Nancy with Jesse moved to Botetourt County, Virginia, and settled on land that Nathaniel had purchased from his father John Nathan on Jennings Creek.  Nathaniel, and  Nancy had twelve children, they were Jesse E., Nicholas H., Elizabeth Jane, Penelope Ann, Nathaniel, Leonard S., Lucinda B., Christopher, Sarah, Frances, Fleming E., and Mary. Most of the male heirs of this family stayed on at Jennings Creek in Botetourt County, Virginia, and continued the Markham Line.

Of the seven children in Thomas Henry Markham Sr. line, there were three girls and four boys.  Two of the girls stayed  in Bedford County, Ann Eliza married Anderson Read in Botetourt County.  Two of the Boys Josiah and Owen William stayed on Jennings Creek, and two moved away, Thomas Hendry to W. Virginia, and  John Markham to Kentucky.  John Nathan Markham's brother Arthur's son     W. I. Markham, went to Georgia, and his son John Markham on to Marion County, Florida, where their descendants live today.

The following Genealogical profiles, will best supply the individual information on the  different Markham families and their distinctive personalities.  Please feel free to contact me at any time for explanations of the various Markham families that lived on and migrated from the Jennings Creek Area.  I have supplied hyper-links to the children of these families. In order for the user to follow them throughout this presentation, you only have to click on an individual to be taken to the next generation.

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Thomas A. Markham

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