Mary Frances Jones



Aug. 17, 1896 

Page One


Thomas A. Markham



                  Aug 17, '96

      My  Dear Cousin 2Pernia,  

                 I am anxious, to 

     hear  from  3May  Belle, would 

     be  glad  if   you  would   write

     me ,  I  love   her  very   much

     &   hope  she  will   4come  out

     all   right,   tell    her     that  I

     often   think   how  sweet   she

     was when  5Cousin George  was

     so   sick ,  she  was  a   comfort

  to  me ,  how is  little  6George  I

   would   like  to  see  him  &  all

      of   you ,  do  come  to   see  me

      who  loves  all  of  you .

      I   received    a    letter     from

      7Betty   since   her   Marriage .


End Notes of  Page One

1. Wealthy section of Lynchburg where George and Mary Francis Jones lived

2. Jane Calpurnia Lee Markham, wife of B. R. Markham and first cousin once removed, of Mary Frances Watts Jones.

3. May Belle Markham Leslie, wife of Clarence W. Leslie, and oldest child of Jane C. and B. R. Markham,  of Lowry, Virginia.

4. This statement refers to the  pregnancy  of May Belle Leslie, with her  soon to be born first child Ruth Drucilla Leslie, born September 3, 1896.

5. George Morgan Jones husband of Nary Frances Watts Jones, and partner of  B. R. Markham         

6. George Jones Markham youngest child of Jane C. and B. R. Markham.  George Markham was named for George Morgan Jones a partner of his father B.R. Markham.

7. Elizabeth Watts Lee, first  married to Allie Hatcher now is married to Robert Foggy, sister of Jane Calpurnia Lee Markham.