A Letter From

Mary Frances  Watts Jones

Mary Frances Watts Jones  wife of  George Morgan Jones, the Lynchburg Industrialist, and the daughter of Richard Davis Watts, and  Isabella Eagan Newell, was raised in  Bedford County,  Va. The Watts had lived in  Bedford County  since the mid 1700's, moving there from Albemarle County.  Mary Frances was also my Great-grandmother,  Jane Calpurnia Lee's   first cousin once removed.  George Morgan Jones was a business partner of my Great-grandfather Benjamin Richard Markham, who named his youngest son George Jones Markham after this most important man.  At one time in the late 1800's, Jones Watts &  Company was the leading Hardware House in South West Virginia.    Mr. Jones was a Principal in this company, and also president of the National Exchange Bank of Lynchburg,  Lynchburg Cotton Mills, and Lynchburg Board of Trade. 

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The following letter was written by Mary Frances Jones in 1896, to my Great-grandmother,  Jane Calpurnia Lee Markham,   who Mary Frances called Purnia.   In this letter, you will see many prominent names of the Lynchburg scene of that era.  This was the time, when the South was rebuilding after the Civil War.  I have also transcribed the letter with end notes,  in order to give the reader a better understanding of the contents.

Thomas A. Markham


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