Descendants of

John Calhoun Lee

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Shenandoah County, Virginia

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Generation 2.  

2.  Thomas Newell7 Lee (John Calhoun6, John Barnett5, John4, Thomas3, John2, John1) was born August 13, 1824 in Shenandoah County, Virginia, and died November 08, 1901 in Bedford County, Virginia.  He married (1) Frances Susan Jane Hardy January 12, 1848 in Bedford County, Virginia.  She was born October 28, 1827 in Bedford County, Virginia, daughter of Captain William Austin Hardy and Jane Hoard Watts, she died June 22, 1863 in Bedford County, Virginia. 

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Capt. William Austin Hardy

Grave of Thomas N. Lee

Thomas Newell Lee entered the Army of Northern Virginia, March 7, 1863, Company G,   2nd Virginian Cavalry,   and served with honor till the close of the war.    It is claimed  by  those who served  with him, that Tom Lee fired the last musket shot on the memorable day of   April 9th,   at Appomattox.    He had three  brothers in the  Confederate States  service, they were John B. Lee,   Samuel K. Lee,   and   George Washington Lee.   Samuel , ran away from  Roanoke College to  join his brother George to enlist in Company K 26th Virginia Infantry.   He was one of five Confederates killed in a cavalry engagement at jacks Shop (Rochelle), Virginia.

Children of Thomas Lee and Frances Hardy are:

+    10          i.   Jane Calperina8 Lee, born November 19, 1848 in Shenandoah County, Virginia; died April 14, 1938 in Bedford County, Virginia.

+    11          ii.   Elizabeth Watts Lee, born September 15, 1850 in Bedford County, Virginia; died March 11, 1927 in Bedford County, Virginia; Stepchild.

      12         iii.   Roberta Virginia Lee, born April 02, 1853 in Bedford County, Virginia.  She married Robert Craig in Bedford County, Virginia; born in Washington County, Virginia.

He married (2) Cornelia Leak Gills July 23, 1866 in Campbell County, Virginia.  She was born March 11, 1847 in Campbell County,  Virginia, and died July 30, 1921 in Cleveland, Ohio.  

Children of Thomas Lee and Cornelia Gills are:

      13          i.   John C. G.8 Lee, born August 03, 1867 in Bedford County, Virginia; died June 30, 1872 in Bedford County, Virginia.

+    14          ii.   Thomas Elkins Lee, born June 06, 1870 in Bedford County, Virginia; died March 29, 1967 in Clarksburg, West Virginia.

+    15         iii.   Barnett Newell Lee, born October 28, 1875 in Bedford County, Virginia; died April 12, 1913 in Tampa, Florida.

+    16         iv.   Randolph Calper Lee, born May 08, 1877 in Bedford County, Virginia; died April 08, 1938 in Hopewell, Virginia.

+    17         v.   Tyree Browning Lee, born December 26, 1879 in Bedford County, Virginia.

      18         vi.   Catherine Gray Lee, born January 26, 1882.

      19        vii.   Georgia Francis Lee, born August 10, 1890.

      20       viii.   Josie Leek Lee, born August 10, 1890.

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