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A Pictorial History--Page 5

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Mr. Meserve returned to St. Augustine and purchased building supplies and lumber and hired two carpenters at which time they returned to Okeechobee to build his new store.  For the next several months they lived in a tent and used water from a nearby pond, while constructing the Okeechobee Hardware and furniture Company, which could boast of being the city’s second oldest store.

Faith__Ellis_Meserve.JPG (64153 bytes)After settling in Okeechobee, Mr. Meserve married Faith, the youngest daughter of Peter Raulerson.  They lived upstairs in an apartment over Okeechobee Hardware.   

Okeechobee Hdw. 1917.jpg (47359 bytes)In later years Ellis had many interesting stories of events that he and Faith observed from their upstairs front porch, of  Fishermen and Cowboys fighting across the street in Flagler Park on Saturday night .  As you can see they had a "ring side" seat.

Inside Okee Hwd.1916.jpg (108015 bytes)As I said earlier, Meserve's Okeechobee Hardware and Furniture Company was the first commercial building to be completed in the new town of Okeechobee

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