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The Following Pictures are from the Collection of Faith Raulerson Meserve, and are presented as a tribute to her, and her husband Ellis Meserve who built the first commercial establishment in the new city of Okeechobee.


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Faith Raulerson was the youngest daughter of Peter and Louisiana Raulerson.  She married Ellis Meserve the owner of Okeechobee Hardware, one of the first Commercial Businesses in the new Town of Okeechobee, Florida. 

Ellis Meserve came from St. Augustine  to Okeechobee as the first paying passenger in 1915.  Built Okeechobee Hardware, the New Towns first Commercial  Business.    Married Faith Raulerson in February, 1916.

Alma Gibson's mother died when she was a small child.   Afterwards she lived with the Raulersons.  She and Faith Raulerson grew up together.  In 1914 & 1915, she taught school in the one room school house that was on Parrott Avenue.

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