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Old Okeechobee School Pictures

Aerial of Markham Brothers Cannery

Aerial Okeechobee Looking North 1964

Aerial Flagler Park Okeechobee 1964

Aerial Okeechobee Looking South 1964

The Notorious Ashley Gang

Allen Markham Home Okee.

Battle of Okeechobee Pictures

Allen Markham's Scout Awards

Bar-B-Q at Sebring Auto Races 1960

Bank of Okeechobee 1926

Betty Ann Lamb Homecoming Queen 

Battle of Okeechobee Monument

Carl Stallo & Friends 1930

Billy Bowlegs Corn Field 1919

City Hall Okeechobee 1950

Boat-A-Cade Bar-B-Q @ 4E Camp 1952

Class Mates 1953

Boat-A-Cade Dance Legion Hall 1952

Commercial Fishermen

Boat-A-Cade at Okee. Ice Plant 1950

Cow Belles of Okeechobee 1965

Boat-A-Cade at Okee. Legion Hall 1952

Coco Cola Bottle Okeechobee

Boat-A-Cade Kissimmee River 1950

Conner's New Jersey Exhibit

Boat-A-Cade Taylor Creek 1952

Conner Highway Toll Gate 1926

Back Side of Taylor Creek Locks 1936

Conner's Yard Okeechobee

Bowden Brothers Garage 1929

Conner's Home Okeechobee

Cottage Row Okeechobee 1930

Culvert #7 Construction 1935

Boats on Taylor Creek 

Culvert #7 Workers Feeding Deer

Boys from Virginia on Miami Beach 1937

Cypress Quarters Okeechobee

Brighton Valley Hotel  1930's

Darrow Family

Building R.R. into Okeechobee

Darrow Home on Parrott Avenue 1926

Darrow's Park Drugs 1915

Ed & Jim Upthegrove

Delivering Food After 1928 Hurricane

Elizabeth Markham at Office

D. R. McNeill Home 1920

Elizabeth Markham at Roscoe's Home

Duck Hunters Darrow & Davis 1926

Ellis Meserve 1914

Faith & Ellis Meserve

Ellis Meserve's Potato Field

Faith Raulerson Meserve

Irvine & Flaudy Register

First Okeechobee Pioneers

FEC R.R. CAR "Lake Okeechobee"

First Settlers

FEC Train Wreck at Holopaw

First Settlers Log Cabin

FEC Engine #6 @ Okee. 1929

First Seaboard Diesel @ Okee. 1944

FEC R, R, at Taylor Creek 1915

First Cannery Princeton, Fl 1924

FEC Kissimmee Valley Extension MAP

First Const. on Taylor Creek Locks

FEC Titusville Station 1915

First Okeechobee Air Mail 1938

FEC Narcoossee Station

First Hoover Levee Construction

FEC Train Leaving Narcoossee Station

FEC Nittaw Station

Gilbert's First Chevrolet Car

FEC Holopaw Station

Gilbert's New Car Deal 1937

FEC Kenansville Station

Gilbert's All Night Service Station

FEC Ft. Drum Station 1920

Gilbert at 50th Anniversary 

FEC Okeechobee Station 1914

Gilbert & Leona Culbreth

FEC Princeton, Fl Station

FEC Train @ Osawa Junction 1924

H. H. Hancock Home 1913

FEC Route Through Okeechobee

H. H. Hancock Family 1906

FEC Turntable Okeechobee

H. H. Hancock Homestead 1905

Farming Behind New Levee

H. H. Hancock Family 1918

H. F. Conner's Home Okeechobee 1926

Finished Taylor Creek Locks 1937

Heartbreak Hotel

Fish Houses Taylor Creek 1915

Hunt Brothers Grocery Co. 1942

Flood Control Celebration

Inside Raulerson Dept. Store 1930's

Flood Control Bar-B-Q 1950

Inside Okeechobee Hardware 1917

Flood Control Parade 1950

Istapoga Canal Bridge 1920

Florida Location Map

Indian Family 1919

Ft. Mead, Florida 1900

Janie Sturgis wife of H. H. Hancock

Hamilton Disston

Jr. Cowboys-to-Be Okeechobee 1939 

Henry Flagler 1905

J. R. Parrott FEC General Manager

J. E. Ingram Pres. Okeechobee Co.

Hunters Okeechobee Style 1940's

Gov. Fuller Warren Parade Float 

Hurricane 1928 Chancy Bay Damage

Lake Drive Okeechobee

Hurricane 1928 High Water Line

Lavvorn Hotel Okeechobee 1926's

Hurricane Damage Okee. Hardware

Lewis Raulerson Store 1905

Hurricane 1928 Eagle Bay Damage

Lillian Stewart Sheriff Wife

Hurricane Gates Okeechobee

Loading Catfish at Okeechobee 1930's

Hurricane 1928 Okee. Home Damage

Local Cowboys

Hurricane 1928 High Water

Local Workmen on Hoover Dike

Fuller Warren Day Catfish Contest 

Louisiana Chandler Raulerson

Gov. Fuller Warren Day Parade

Lavvorn Hotel Okeechobee 1926's

Gov.& Mrs. Warren Flood Control Plaque Dedication at Okeechobee Courthouse

Lewis Raulerson Store 1905

Loading Catfish at Okeechobee 1930

Looking North on Osceola Ave. 1920

Local Cowboys

Kissimmee River Flooded 1947

Local Workmen on Hoover Dike

Kissimmee River Locks 1964

Local workmen on Taylor Creek Locks

MBC First Year Picture 1938

Okeechobee Cattlemen Meeting in 1939

MBC Tomato Washing 1946

Okeechobee Co. Won With Warren

Okeechobee Motor Co. 1949

MBC Green Bean Line 1944

Okeechobee Panorama  1926  

MBC Grading Green Beans 1948

Okeechobee School Horse

Okeechobee Supply Co. 

MBC Green Bean Filler 1948

Okeechobee Cemetery Site 1914

MBC Can Closing Machine 1948

Okeechobee Evergreen Cemetery 1914

MBC Retort Cookers 1946

Okeechobee Evergreen Cemetery 1980

MBC Labeling Machine 1948

Okeechobee County's Legislators

MBC Labels

Okeechobee Co. Court House 1925

MBC Swamp Cabbage Label

Okeechobee Deer Hunting Party 1916

MBC Labeling Crew 1948

Okeechobee Duck Hunters 1940's

MBC Casing Machine 1948

Okeechobee Greets President Hoover

MBC Loading Boxcars 1948

Old Okeechobee School Pictures

Okeechobee Midway School 1913

MBC Train Load of Can Goods 1942

Fort Drum School 1915

MBC Local Tomato Peelers 1962

Okeechobee School Group 1915

Markham Brothers Cannery 1941

Okeechobee School Group 1916

Markham Brothers Cannery 1942

Bassinger School 1919

3 Generations of Markham Brothers

Okeechobee High School 1925

Markham Brothers Cannery Locations

OHS Baseball Team 1926

Markham Brothers Office 1947

Okeechobee First Grade 1928

Mary Lilly Kenan Flagler

Okeechobee High Class of 1930

McNeff Northern Hotel

McNeill Home Okeechobee

OHS 9th Grade Class  1935

Mouth of Kissimmee River 1965

Okeechobee 1st Grade 1935

Marshall Pitts Halloween King 1953

OHS School Adm. 1946

Noel Rabun Raulerson Sr.

OHS Teachers 1946-1

Newt Stewart Sheriff Okeechobee Co.

Old Okeechobee School Pictures

OHS Teachers 1946-2

Okeechobee School 6th Grade  1952

School Buildings 1946

OHS 1953

O H S  Class of 1946

OHS 1959 Senior Class in NYC

OHS First Band  1946

OHS Quill & Scroll Club 1953

OHS Who's Who 1946-1

OHS Fighting Brahmans 1953

OHS Who's Who 1946-2

OHS Student Council 1953

OHS Fighting Catfish 1946

Pals at OHS 1953

OHS Cheerleaders 1946

OHS 1953 Annual Staff

OHS Pep Squad 1946

OHS 1953 Who's Who

OHS FHA Club 1946

OHS 1959 Fighting Brahmans

OHS 4H Club 1946

OHS Old Football Field 1960

OHS Glee Club 1946

Okeechobee Schools 1960

Chobee Hi-Times Staff 1946

OHS Graduates 1950

OHS Junior Class 1946-1

OHS 1950 Who's Who

OHS Junior Class 1946-2

OHS Teachers 1950's - 1

OHS Sophomore Class 1946

OHS Teachers 1950's - 2

OHS Freshman Class 1946

OHS Teachers 1950's - 3

Okeechobee 8th Grade 1946

OHS Teachers 1950's - 4

Okeechobee 7th Grade 1946

OHS Teachers 1950's - 5

OHS Championship Band 1948

OHS Coaches 1950

Okee. 6th Grade Graduation 1949

OHS Athletic Program 1950

Mrs. Burr's 2nd Grade Class 1949

OHS Cheerleaders 1950

OHS Girls Basketball Team 1950

OHS Spanish Club 1950

OHS Shop Class 1950

OHS Sophomore Class 1950

Old Okeechobee School Pictures

Page Auto Camp 1938

Palmetto Shack School 1898

Onnie Jean Williams Halloween Queen

Park Theatre 1930

Okeechobee Location Map

Peavine Trail 1938

Okeechobee Company House

Peter Raulerson Home (First Settler)

Okeechobee Hardware 1917

Pete Clay & Charles Markham  C.1949

Okeechobee Ice Plant 1930's

Picnic Peavine Trail 1924

Okeechobee Motor Co.  1949

Pier at Okeechobee 1925

Okeechobee Water Tank 1940,s

Prom at Southland Hotel 1953

Okee. Flagler Park Panorama 1926

Prairie, Okeechobee in Distance

Oranges Hauled by Ox-Cart 1895

Prairie, at Taylor Creek

Osceola Ave. Okeechobee 1924

Presidents FVCA Convention

O. O. Davis Building 1915

Pogy Bill Collins First Sheriff

Queen Flood Control Parade 1950

Steam Boat "Bassinger"

Sam Joiner's Beer Joint

Steam Boat "Bassinger" II

Saw Mill at Tantie 1914

Steam Boat Dock Kissimmee 1905

Seminole War Monument

Serena Victoria, Henry Hancock's Boat

Seminole War Plaque

Serena Victoria Willingham Hancock

Seminole War Braves

Road from S. Miami 1924

Seminole Women at Tantie 1913

Roscoe, Joan & Frank Arthur

"Shadowlawn" Freedman's Home

Road to Ft. Pierce 1905

Sherman Saw Mill 1930

Tantie's First Permanent School

Steam Boat Dock Lake Tohopekaliga

Tantie's School Horse 1914

Steam Boat Dock Fort Bassinger

Taylor Creek 1891

Stewart Family

Taylor Creek 1912

Southland Hotel Okeechobee 1948

Taylor Creek Activity 1918

South Park Street Okeechobee 1940

Taylor Creek Bridge 1930's

S. Park St.& 5th Ave. 1960 Okeechobee

Taylor Creek Dredge 1935

South Okeechobee Aerial 1964

"The Bend"

Sunrise Over Big "O"

Temp. Home at Princeton, Fl 1924

Survey Crew on Parrott Avenue 1930

Tom & Linda at FVCA Convention

U.S. 1 to Princeton, Fl 1935

Tom Markham President of FVCA

Upthegrove Beach 1915

Tomatoes Picked for Princeton 1924

Walter Watford 1920

Tomatoes for Okeechobee Cannery

Water Spouts Lake Shore Curve 1928

Train at Okeechobee Station 1920

Wes Raulerson's Sawmill

Train Leaving Okeechobee 1915

Wolff Home on Parrott Ave.

World Champion Catfish Skinner

Work Train Near Kenansville

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