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My Grandfather Walter Markham had come to Florida in 1924, and Started his first Tomato Cannery at Princeton, (Dade County), Florida.  This small South Florida Town is located about Twenty miles South of Miami, Florida.  In 1937 he and his sons Allen & Roscoe Markham, decided to open another Tomato Cannery in Okeechobee, Florida due to the large amounts of Tomatoes being grown in this area at that time.  The following pictures are of that particular part of Okeechobee's history.       

Tommy Markham

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Markham Tomato Cannery

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Picking Tomatoes Princeton 1924.JPG (46403 bytes)

WAM First Cannery at Princeton.JPG (55077 bytes)

Walter's Temp Home Princeton.jpg (68642 bytes)

Picking Tomatoes for Princeton Cannery 1924

Walter Markham's First Princeton Cannery 1924

Temporary Home at Princeton, Fl  1924



Road from S.Miami to Princeton1924.JPG (28891 bytes)

US 1 1930.JPG (26338 bytes)

boysfromVA.JPG (102113 bytes)

Road from Miami to Princeton, Fl  1924

U.S. Hwy 1 from Miami to Princeton, Fl   1935

Walter Markham's Virginia Boys Miami Beach


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