Timber Ridge

Baptist Church

Org. 1805

Lowry, Virginia


Thomas A. Markham

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TimberRidgeChurch1805.JPG (63366 bytes)Timber Ridge Baptist Church was organized in 1805 in the Lowry Community with forty members and Isham Fuqua as it's pastor. The first building for the Lowry Meeting House was a one room log cabin on one and one quarter acres of land purchased from William Lowry for five shillings. At a later date possibly during the early 1820ís, the one room log cabin was taken down and the second building erected on the land. The first pastor of this new meeting house was the Reverend William Leftwich .  

Lowry Home Place TimberRidge.JPG (86299 bytes)This building was later used as the meeting house of the Episcopal Church and still later as a school building. The name, Lowry Meeting House was later changed to "Timber Ridge Baptist Church""Timber Ridge" was the name of William B. Lowry's home place. 

Joseph_Fuqua.JPG (12375 bytes)Early ministers at Timber Ridge Church were Isham Fuqua, H. L. Moorman, William Leftwich, and William Harris.  Isham's  brother Joseph Fuqua, was the first deacon of Timber Ridge Church  in 1805,  when it was founded.  Joseph Fuqua is the person who gave the land where Bedford City is located, and is buried in the Fuqua Cemetery just off Orange Street. Many names associated with the early church were Fuqua, Wilkerson, Hewitt, Hudnall, Witt, Lowry, Markham, Leslie, Padgett, Coffee, Arthur, and Brown.  Descendants of many of these families are still active today in the church, and you will see many of their pictures on the following pages. 

Thomas Noell Family.JPG (83222 bytes)

BR Markham Family.JPG (129264 bytes)

Booker Padgett Family.JPG (152434 bytes)

Thomas C. Noell Family

B. R. Markham Family

Booker Padgett Family

H.C. Coffee Family.JPG (73880 bytes)

George&Jemmie Fuqua.JPG (46751 bytes)

Granville Watson Family.JPG (80290 bytes)

H. C. Coffee Family

Jemmie & George Fuqua

Granville Watson Family

Lowry Family-Inlaws.JPG (60610 bytes)

CWLeslieFam.jpg (45997 bytes)

J. D. Lowry Family

C. W. Leslie Family 

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