Timber Ridge

Baptist Church

Org. 1805

Lowry, Virginia


Thomas A. Markham

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"Go Tell It On The Mountain"

C.B. Lowry.JPG (41270 bytes)The Lowry's, Noell's, and Markham's are directly or indirectly connected with William B. Lowry, Jr., who gave the property on which the present church was erected.  He was a long time member of Timber Ridge also.  As early as 1855 there are church letters showing Charles Burr Lowry, the grand-father of  Mrs. Bessie Lowry Markham, my grandmother, transferring from Mount Hermon Baptist Church to Timber Ridge.

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Baptism 1899

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Served as pastor of Timber Ridge on two separate occasions, first 1884-1886, and again 1894-1899.  His son Theodore was a faithful and long time member of Timber Ridge Baptist Church.   

Ordained to the ministry at Timber Ridge Baptist Church, on December 14, 1872.  He labored in the Strawberry Baptist Association for ten years.  He also served as  Sunday School Superintendent.

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