The Descendants of

Edward Watts

1650 - 1728

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       Children of Jacob Watts and Elizabeth Durrett are:

+     38               i.    Mildred Watts, born March 26, 1753 in Albemarle County, Virginia; died Aft. 1842 in Clark Co., KY ?.

       39              ii.    William Watts, born January 24, 1754 in Orange County, Virginia; died 1801 in Virginia.  He married Elizabeth Beasley January 04, 1778 in Orange County, Virginia.

+     40             iii.    John Watts, born January 24, 1756 in Orange County, Virginia; died September 13, 1823 in Albemarle County, Virginia.

+     41             iv.    David Winston Watts, born April 20, 1761 in Orange County, Virginia; died December 13, 1835 in Fayette County Kentucky.

+     42              v.    Elijah Durrett Watts, born 1765 in Albemarle County, Virginia; died 1825 in Albemarle County, Virginia.

+     43             vi.    Fielding Watts, born March 11, 1766 in Albemarle County, Virginia; died May 15, 1836 in Clark County, Kentucky.

       44            vii.    Frances Watts, born Aft. 1767 in Albemarle County, Virginia.  She married (1) Joseph Edmondson.  She married (2) ? Smith.

Notes for Frances Watts:   1804 Oct 1 - Joseph Edmondson and wife Frances sold land to Richard Durrett, Sr.  The Virginia Genealogist Vol. 16 pa. 98 and Albemarle Co. DB #15 pa. 19 1821 - Her father, Jacob Watts, left to Frances Smith's five children by her first husband shares in his estate. Will of Jacob Watts probated in Orange Co., VA

       45           viii.    Agnes Watts, born Abt. 1772 in Albemarle County, Virginia; died Bef. 1850.  She married John Huckstep July 15, 1789 in Albemarle County, Virginia

Notes for Agnes Watts:    In 1795, Rev. Jacob Watts gave his daughter, Aggy Watts Huckstep, 100 acres of land in Albemarle Co., VA.

Notes for John Huckstep:   1830 Census of Albemarle Co. Virginia   John Huckstep, 1 m 10-15 , 1 m 60-70, 2 f  10-15, 2 f  15-20, 2 f  20-30, 1 f  50-60,    33 Slaves.  1846 July 3 - John Huckstep made an affidavit to the War Services of his brother-in-law, John Watts. John Huckstep was 80 years old at the       time.  John Huckstep's will was written August 31, 1850 and was probated June 17, 1853 in Greene County.   (Book 1, pa. 404 and 441)  1850 Census of Greene Co., VA.  John Huckstep 83 M farmer, Raymond  G. Head 19 M laborer.

       46             ix.    Mary (Molly) Watts, born Abt. 1772 in Albemarle County, Virginia.  She married Hezekiah Rhodes in Virginia.

Notes for Mary (Molly) Watts:   The daughters names are known because Jacob Watts, their grandfather, married them.  Information provide by Edward Watts of Arlington, VA.

Notes for Hezekiah Rhodes:

Will recorded in Surry Co., North Carolina   From: Nancy McDaniel [SMTP:] > Sent: Saturday, December 05, 1998 10:22 AM > To: > Subject:   Research of Hezekiah Rhodes > I have found a will of Hezekiah Rhodes that I thought you might find interesting.  Thanks to Don Longworth from VA for the tip that was from the Rhodes Family History written by Ginny Rowe.  The abstract of the will is as follows:   Surry Co., North Carolina, Will Abstracts-book 4, p. 12 4: 87  31 July 1835.  Will of HEZEKIAH RHODES.  Wife Polly estate life or widowhood, Negro Peter; son Richard Negroes Minny and Jeffrey; sons John, Clifton, Epapheditus, David.  Daus: Lucy EDWARDS, w/o Samuel; Fanny HARRISON, w/o John C.; Sally HUTCHENS, w/o Amor; Mildred CREW, w/o Jesse; Betsy MARSHAL, w/o Richard; Agnes PHILLIPS, w/o Joseph and heirs of Nancy BRUCE, dec'd., w/o Eli Bruce.  Henry P. POINDEXTER, exr.  Wit:  Samuel BOLEJACK, Abe BOLEJACK, Wm. SPILLMAN.  s/ Hezekiah RHODES.

       47              x.    Nancy Ann Watts, born Bef. 1773 in Albemarle County, Virginia; died November 11, 1832 in Albemarle County, Virginia.  She married (1) Wiley Dickerson.  She married (2) Henry Austin January 02, 1788 in Albemarle County, Virginia; born Abt. 1760 in Calvert, Maryland; died Bef. April 07, 1832.

Notes for Nancy Ann Watts:   1788 Jan 2 - She married Henry Austin in Albemarle Co. VA with John Watts, her brother, and Henry Austin were her securities.   William l. Norford, Marriages of Albemarle Co. and Charlottesville, Virginia, 1781-1919 (Charlottesville, VA., 1956, pa. 1)  1821 Mar 12 - she died leaving a will recorded in Albemarle Co. VA  on 3 Dec 1821.    Albemarle Co. VA Will Book #7 p. 152, 268   1823 Apr 7 - The estates of Henry and Ann Austin were both settled with a total value of $2521.26 1/2 .  By her will Ann made certain bequests and the balance was divided into twelve parts to Eli Austin, Sarah White, David Austin, Betsey Goodall, Garrett Austin, Willis Austin, Mildred Wood, Durrett Austin, Walker Austin, Caroline (Cally) Austin, Ann Austin and Henry Austin, her children  The Virginia Genealogists Vol 16 pa. 98

Notes for Henry Austin:   Born Calvert, MD.  Moved w/ his father's family to  Albemarle, VA prior to 1777.  Private in the Am. Rev. from 1776-1781.  Married  1 Jan 1788. Mrs. Henry F. Israel, HISTORY AND GENEALOGY OF HENRY AUSTIN OF CALVERT CO., MD, copy located at Wise County Historical Soc., Decatur, TX.   Family Records of Ruth Irene Marshall Austin, Mar 1992, in possession of  D. M. Whitley.

      17.  WILLIAM WATTS (Thomas2, Edward1) was born Abt. 1732 in Orange County, Virginia, and died March 04, 1808 in Albemarle County, Virginia.  He married (1) Sarah Ellis.  She died Aft. 1808 in Albemarle County, Virginia.  He married (2) Jane Hord March 03, 1766 in Culpepper County, Virginia.  She was born Bef. 1751 in Culpeper County, Virginia, and died Unknown.  He married (3) Lucy Woods Bef. 1775. 

Notes for WILLIAM WATTS:   !MILITARY: NSDAR. D.A.R. PATRIOT INDEX. (Washington, DC:NSDAR, 1967)  William Watts b. ca 1740, d. after 3/4/1808 m/1 Jane Hord, md/2 Lucy Wood, m/3 Sarah Ellis. Sol. VA.  MIL: from Registrar General, N.S.D.A.R. - William Watts of Culpepper County, Virginia, whose first wife was Jane ---; descendant (Mrs. Robert K.) Rosalie H. Smith, Nat. No. 314893, Hotel Windsor Etoile, 14 Rue Beaujon. Paris, France.  Rev. Record - 9th Virginia State Library Soldiers p.317 2nd Virginia Regiment, Virginia Rev. Soldiers William Watts. Year Book, Sons of the Revolution for 1913, p. 270 - Revolutionary Soldiers & Sailors of Virginia to whom Land Bounty Warrants, compiled by Samuel M. Wilson, Kentucky State Land Office at Frankfort.   William Watts, 100 acres, private, Virginia State Line, 3 years    Revolutionary War Records of Virginians by Brumbaugh, 1;284 - William Watts, State Line.  WILL:  Dated June 23, 1808, Madison  County, Virginia - to James 100 acres; Washington 200 acres plus all claims to land in Kentucky, if dies to sell and divide for 3 daughter; William - land he lives on plus land mother lives on at her death; Sarah - land living on.  Other daughters listed in will include: Patty White, Betsey Durrett and Lucy Allen.  Source:  Betty Watts Harris.

       Children of WILLIAM WATTS and Jane Hord are:

+     48               i.    JAMES WATTS, born January 21, 1767 in Albemarle County, Virginia; died January 25, 1828 in Near Liberty, Bedford County, Virginia.

       49              ii.    Frances Watts, born October 26, 1769.  She married ? White.

       Children of WILLIAM WATTS and Lucy Woods are:

       50               i.    Martha "Patsy"4 Watts, born April 04, 1776 in Virginia; died March 08, 1835 in Virginia.  She married (1) Col. William White 1793 in Madison County, Virginia. 

Notes for Col. William White:

William served as Captain of the 5th Virginia Regiment of the continental Line during the Revolutionary War. Notes of Mark White (

       51              ii.    Washington Watts, born September 02, 1777.  He married Lucy.

Notes for Washington Watts:   Heineman, pa. 127   In the 1810 Census, they were residing in Manchester, Virginia.  His age was under 45; his wife's the same.  They had 1 male under 10, 1 male 10-16; 1 female under 10; 1 female 10-16.

       52             iii.    William Watts, born March 25, 1779.  He married Mary Burk Smith.

Notes for William Watts:   OCDB 4, pa 449 - William Hackney, Gentleman, of Prince William Co., to William Watts, Sr. and William Watts Jr. of St. Marks Parish, O. C. 400 acres in O. C. on Summerduck Run in the Great Fork of the Rappahannock (this is present day Culpepper Co.)  Recorded  29 May 1741.

       53             iv.    Elizabeth (Betty) Watts, born December 11, 1780.  She married Isaac Winston Durrett December 26, 1799.

Notes for Isaac Winston Durrett:    By  his will his father gave Isaac the 478 acres of land on which he was then living.  On 9 May 1821 Isaac W. and wife Elizabeth sold land to William Wood and on 5 apr. 1826 they sold 101 acres to their son William W. Durrett.  On 7 Jan 1828 together with Joseph Fulcher, they sold land to John Jones.  On 3 Apr 1830 they sold land to Joseph C. Fulcher for $862.00 and then gave all property to sons Thomas G. and James H. W. Durrett, a minor, and the sons were to provide support for the parents.   The Virginia Genealogist Vol. 16 pa. 101.

       54              v.    Lucy Watts, born August 03, 1782.  She married Col. Dan Allen.