The Descendants of

Edward Watts

1650 - 1728

Page Four

      19.  Esther Watts (Thomas2, Edward1) was born Abt. 1738 in Orange County, Virginia, and died Aft. 1795 in St. Thomas Parish, Orange County, Virginia.  She married Jeremiah White Abt. 1748 in Culpeper County, Virginia, son of Henry White and ?.  He was born in Culpepper County, Virginia.

Notes for Jeremiah White:    From:  (Mark White)  Jeremiah WHITE and Esther WHITE his wife of St. Thomas's Parish, Orange County, planter, to William WATTS of Brumfield Parish, Culpeper County.  For 60 pounds current money.  100 acres in Brumfield Parish adjoining the land whereon William WATTS now lives and is the land given by Thomas WATTS, deceased, to his daughter Esther, now the wife of Jeremiah WHITE ... houses, buildings,  gardens, orchards, meadows, pastures.

       Children of Esther Watts and Jeremiah White are:

       55               i.    Mary Sarah White, born 1760 in Orange County, Virginia; died 1799.  She married Capt. James Burton January 19, 1799.

       56              ii.    Col. William White, born Abt. 1755.  He married Martha "Patsy" Watts 1793 in Madison County, Virginia; born April 04, 1776 in Virginia; died March 08, 1835 in Virginia.

       57             iii.    Fanny White.

       58             iv.    Elizabeth White.  She married William Piper December 26, 1803 in Orange County, Virginia.

       59              v.    Esther White.

       60             vi.    Garrett White.  He married Elizabeth Piper.

       61            vii.    Jeremiah White, born Abt. 1754.

       62           viii.    Richard White, born April 17, 1756 in Orange County, Virginia; died 1849 in Greene County, Virginia.  He married Cathy Oliver February 20, 1783 in Orange County, Virginia.   

                               Notes for Richard White:   From notes of Mark White:    While residing in Orange County, VA, Richard White enlisted in August 1777 and served two months as Ensign in Capt. Benjamin Johnson and Col. Holt Richardson's company.  He enlisted in the Fall of 1778 and served two months as Lieutenant in Col. Eleas Edmund's Virginia Regiment (Capt. Belfield Canes), was at the Siege of Yorktown, went as guard with the reserves to Winchester Barracks, was discharged 1781.  He married Anney Wayt second.  He was allowed a pension on his application executed 24 Sep 1832.  Richard White must have lived a long and full life.  At his death, he was the last communicant connected with the Old Orange Church.  Richard White's will, dated 23 Dec 1841, left most of his personal property to his son, John B. White.     Buried: White Family Cemetery, Rt. 33, Greene Co., VA

       63             ix.    John White.  He married Mary ?.

       64              x.    Willis White, died Aft. 1830.

Generation No. 4

      30.  John Watts (John3, Thomas2, Edward1) was born March 22, 1767 in Orange County, Virginia, and died September 05, 1834 in Ripley County, Indiana.  He married (1) Mary Greensbury.    He married (2) Fanny Sebree December 23, 1788 in Culpeper County, Virginia.  She was born January 22, 1772 in Orange County, Virginia, and died September 05, 1854 in Ripley County, Indiana.

Notes for John Watts:    John Watts moved to Kentucky in 1789.  He served in various Indian Wars.  He resided in Boone County, Kentucky in 1796 and in 1810 and in 1816 he was residing in Dearborn County, Indiana.  He then served as a state Senator; Circuit Court Judge, and a Minister of the Gospel.  Heineman pa. 68 Bible records of John Watts (1767 - 1834) married Fanny Sebree in 1788, and moved from Kentucky to Ripley County, Indiana.  Descendants to 1905 lived in Indian and Illinois.  Includes Watts, Sebree, Henry, Hite, Smith & Cravens.   Family Records - Microfilm made of manuscript collection; Source:  Historical  Society Ripley County, Versailles, Ind. (LDS Film # 1312803 - Item No. 38);   Record includes 20 pages of handwritten notes.

     Children of John Watts and Fanny Sebree are:

       65               i.    Mildred Johnson Watts, born February 13, 1790.

       66              ii.    Elizabeth Watts, born May 04, 1792.

       67             iii.    Johnson Watts, born July 07, 1794.

       68             iv.    Sarah Barnett Watts, born October 26, 1796.

       69              v.    Newton Watts, born February 09, 1800.

       70             vi.    Frances Watts, born March 22, 1803.

       71            vii.    Isaac Watts, born February 20, 1806.

       72           viii.    Susannah Sebree Watts, born August 20, 1808.

       73             ix.    Agnes F. Watts, born May 22, 1811.

       74              x.    John Sebree Watts, born January 19, 1816.

      38.  Mildred Watts (Jacob3, Thomas2, Edward1) was born March 26, 1753 in Albemarle County, Virginia, and died Aft. 1842 in Clark Co., KY ?.  She married Benjamin Bruce March 26, 1773 in Albemarle County, Virginia.  He died December 31, 1809.

Notes for Mildred (Milly) Watts:   The Virginia Genealogist Vol. 16 pa. 97  Bruce, Benjamin (Milly).  R. 1362 24 Dec. 1842. Clark Co., Ky.  Milly Bruce of said county, aged 90 on 26 March 1843, declares she is the widow of Benjamin Bruce who was a militiaman for two tours each of six months in Col. Reuben Lindsey's regiment and Capt. Davis' company, and one tour at Charlottesville of at least one month.  Her husband resided in Albemarle Co., Va.  He was drafted in the year that the battles of Bunker Hill and Brandywine were fought.  He was in both battles.  They moved to Kentucky in 1784 and he was called out against the Indians for at least one month.  His discharge for one of the tours of six months was in a bag with some other papers and mice got to it and destroyed it.   She married Benjamin Bruce on 26 March 1773.  He died 31 Dec. 1809.  A record of his death  and her children's ages was in a Bible which was burned in the house of Thornton Wills who married one of her daughters.  She was married in Albemarle Co., Va  Her eldest daughter, Sarah Gordon, was born 27 June 1776 and Barnett and Elizabeth were born before the close of the war.  She had eight children.  After recollection, she is of the opinion that the leaf of the Bible was torn out by Thornton Wills' children and not burned.  Virginia Revolutionary Pension Applications Volume 12, pa. 1

Notes for Benjamin Bruce:   24 Dec 1842.  Clark Co., Ky.  Sarah Gordon, aged 67, declares she was small during the Revolution but recollects that when her father Benjamin Bruce was out in the war as a soldier, her grandfather Jacob Watts came to her father's house and told her mother Milly Bruce to put the dog in the cellar and take care of the chickens, that the British were coming.  Her father served six months and spoke of being at the battle of Brandywine.  She is a member of the Baptist Church.  26 Dec. 1842 Clark Co., Ky.  Ambrose Bush of said county, aged 66, declares his father was a neighbor of Benjamin and Milly Bruce.  He was reported to be a soldier. 5 Sep 1842. Albemarle Co., Va.  "I do hereby certify, that Benjamin Bruce hath taken and subscribed the oath or affirmation of allegiance and fidelity... Reuben Lindsa 6 Dec. 1809.  Will of Benjamin Bruce of Clark County.   To wife Milly Bruce, Negroes Charles and Lets and all plantation and loose property during her life and then to whichever child the two old Negroes are willing to live with, the one who takes them to pay each of his children $7 apiece as long as they are capable of labor, and then the children are jointly to maintain them.  The plantation and property are to be sold and the money divided among all his children.  To daughter Sally Gordon a Negro boy and $20.  To son Barnett Bruce a Negro boy Jerry.  To daughter Elizabeth Haggard a Negro girl Winey when she gives up Negro Isaac.  To daughter Nancy Wills Negro gal Fanny.  to son Austin Bruce Negro boy Isack, a bed and a cow.  To son David Bruce Negro girl Jim, a horse and a cow.  To daughter Agnes Wills a bed, Negro girl Lin.  To son Ely Bruce, Negro girl Line and horse, saddle and bridle, bed and furniture, and cow when age 21.  Friends David Hampton and Dillard Collins and wife, executors.  Witnesses:  Elias Browning and Stephen Lewis.  Proved 22 Jan 1810.  Milly Bruce, executrix, gave bond for $5000 with Barnett Bruce, Austin Bruce, William Gordon and Nathaniel Haggard as securities.  Rejected for further proof of service.  Virginia Revolutionary Pension Applications Volume 12, pa. 1

       Children of Mildred Watts and Benjamin Bruce are:

       75               i.    Sarah  Bruce, born January 27, 1776 in Albemarle County, Virginia.  She married William Gordon.

       76              ii.    Barnett Bruce, born in Albemarle County, Virginia.  He married Lucy Lampton.

       77             iii.    Elizabeth Watts Bruce, born in Albemarle County, Virginia.  She married Nathaniel Sheepskin Haggard.

       78             iv.    Nancy Bruce, born April 06, 1784 in Albemarle County, Virginia; died January 23, 1864 in Clark County, Kentucky.  She married Thornton Wills March 13, 1803 in Clark County, Kentucky.

       79              v.    Austin Bruce.

       80             vi.    David Bruce.

       81            vii.    Agnes Bruce, born October 15, 1793 in Albemarle County, Virginia; died November 25, 1879 in Clark County, Kentucky.  She married Isaac Wills January 31, 1809 in Clark County, Kentucky.

       82           viii.    Ely Bruce.