The Markham

Coat of Arms

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   Analysis of The

Markham Family



College of Earls

London, England


The rampant lion over the shield denotes that this Knight had the qualities ascribed to the lion, which was considered the king of beast, and was considered the most magnanimous, most generous and the boldest of animals and he was chosen to represent these qualities in the Knight to whom they bestowed. The lion rampant (which this one is) signifies command majesty, bravery, and boldness.


The loops of the chain of which the lion stands is supposed to be six loops taken from a silk wreath made of the two family colors and was worn on all public appearances to distinguish the family to which he belonged.


The helmet, the way is placed, and the closed beaver show that this Knight held the position of esquire or gentleman, a ration just below Lord or Duke.                                               


The shield tells the history of the Knight by the colors used and the emblems therein. Here the rampant lion again emphasizes bravery, boldness, etc. The colors used also have a meaning. Gold, or, as called in heraldry signifies generosity, splendor, solidity and trust. The Blue, or Azure, as called in heraldry, denotes justice, perseverance, vigilance and readiness. The Red rampant lion in the shield denotes martial prowess, boldness, bravery and fierceness in conflict.

The ribbon just below the shield is composed or made of family colors and usually has the family motto on it. 

These Coats of Arms were designed and given by the King to those knights who had done outstanding service and prowess for the King and his country, and were patented so that no other family could use them.